Poetry Slash

Hey, Poetry Slash 3 is a recital of computational literature whose third edition will take place next Friday, April 28 at 19:00h in La Casa Encendida, within the program of activities of the independent publishing fair Libros Mutantes.

Participants will read texts produced through code with the intention of exploring unconventional forms of literary creation and doing wonderful and crazy things with computers.

If you are reading this, please participate by sending your proposal before April 14 through this form.

And if you have any questions click here.

10 FOR X=1 TO 10
10 FOR X=1 TO 10

Registration form

Fill out and submit this form before April 14. You will get a confirmation email in less than 24 hours.


Relatively Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pieces can I send?

Any literary work created by using code is welcome.

In the past, we have seen poems built by recombining tweets, poems created by comments on Google Maps, postcards using NASA APIs, raps built from CAPTCHAS, texts assembled with discarded editions of Wikipedia articles and songs with verses from Spotify's top 100, among many other wonderful creations.

What are the delivery times, key dates and stuff?

  • March 1: call for proposals launched.
  • April 14: deadline for sending proposals.
  • April 21: communication of accepted proposals.
  • April 28: Poetry Slash 3.

Who can participate?

Any person can present original works, published or unpublished, written in any programming language or any digital technology to generate new literary artifacts.

And if I don't live in Madrid, what's up?

If you do not live in Madrid and cannot travel to the city on the day of the recital, you can designate a person to make the presentation for you.

Hmm… I want to participate as a public, do I have to sign up somewhere?

No, just come to La Casa Encendida (Ronda de Valencia, 2) on April 28th in the morning [time to be confirmed].

Hey, wait, I have more questions!

Then write to us at hola@poetryslash.com and we will delighted to help you.